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all property came from

all property came from violence originally. do you realize that europe was taken away from neanderthals? america from amerindians?

violence in the past does not invalidate the property's future owners, who did not engage in the violence.

once property relations had been established out of the anarchy of the end of roman rule, those proeprty rights became the basis for legal title.

those property owners thence had the right to dispose of their property however they wanted, as per Blockhead/ancap theory.

you have an obnoxious habit of telling people to read up on things. i have read plenty.

you are unable to address my points. you are not capable of engaging in the kind of logical surgery of principles and definitions that would allow you to draw precise understanding from a melee of words and concepts.

just continue to believe "mises was a statist" and utopia will result from the elimination of all laws. you can't harm anyone with such delusions, at least!