Comment: The problem is you do not

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The problem is you do not

The problem is you do not know for a fact Martin was acting like a thug. We do know for a fact Zimmerman was. Holding a gun and calling someone a punk before killing them? Hmmm...

Not ruling out Martin was, just saying you don't KNOW that.

Also, you need to realize acting like a thug is not a black thing in real life. On TV, movies, the media it is, but not in reality.

Ron Paul supporters are constantly coincidentally falling on the side of racists on lots of issues. And they fail to just cut them off completely. I don't get it. You'd rather argue the small chance someone was doing something justifiably and not being racist, than just cut off your ties with racism and drop the issue. Ron Paul obviously did a good job of getting away from that label, and Rand Paul with the whole Howard university speech was good. But it's still a problem and for some reason people seem to just want to argue with liberals rather than taking an active stance to not accidentally always side with racists.