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to separate concepts

yes people have the right to life,but to me,it is not the same
as the right to exist
I am pro-life,but i also believe no one can claim a right to exist
you have the right to be born,but no right is afforded to a continued
if it was a basic right that all freely shared,then who or why should it be fought over? if it is a right,then you have that no matter what others say about it
God didn't give you that right,no where in the bible does it state that, god even went so far as to prove that point
the gov has claimed the right to deny your existence,and has done so
with great detail,but where is god with all this going on?
millions upon millions slaughtered in the name of another god,these had the right to life,but apparently,not the right to exist,and yet another gov proved that fact
if one has to fight over their very rights,then are they rights?
I just don't see it that way

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence