Comment: Neighborhood Watchmen are Thugs?

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Neighborhood Watchmen are Thugs?

So you are saying that we do NOT have the right to patrol our own neighborhood which was plagued by (black) young men who steals and breaks into houses and robs people? If we do that, trying to protect our property we are thugs? Are you kidding me?

Zimmerman was doing a reasonable thing. Checking out a unfamiliar young man walking in your gated neighborhood that is acting suspicious! It is completely moral and necessary for him or someone else in his position to do so.

Even if Zimmerman was following him and observing him on the public side walk, still he broke no law in doing that. Same for Martin, he broke no law until he assaulted Zimmerman and threatened to kill him verbally. That's when self defense comes in.

If Zimmerman's action broke the law prior to their fight and it results in Martin's death, then manslaughter would be the correct verdict. However, because all evidences and facts points to no wrongdoing on Zimmerman's part prior to the fight, it was a pure self-defense case.