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Not so

From Zimmerman's testimony he was confronted by Martin when he was heading back to his truck. According to the testimony, Martin asked what was your f* problem? Zimmerman answered I got no problem and Martin answered now you have a problem and started attacking him.
Also brandishing his weapon would not be the right move at all! It is illegal in many states to brandishing your weapon unless you are in self defense mode! Z has no right to take out his gun until he was assaulted by Martin.

Yes, we could keep focusing on what Zimmerman could have done differently to avoid the situation, but the fact remains that Martin was on drug and he was the one that assaulted Zimmerman and was pounding his head into the pavement and verbally threatened to kill Zimmerman. Why not focus on what could have Martin done differently to avoid the confrontation? How about he shouldn't have got himself suspended for drug and stealing related problems? How about he shouldn't have aspired to be a gansta? How about he shouldn't be walking out in the rain to get skittles and tea to make himself some drug cocktails? Then it would have been alright, right?

Zimmerman was on patrol. So are you saying that when we are watching our neighborhood, we should just let those suspicious looking young men with hoodies on by? Just so we can avoid confrontation? What kind of watchmen would that be?