Comment: 9-9-9 is the World Code, Plissken

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9-9-9 is the World Code, Plissken

The national sales tax is a trick promoted by the same globalists who gave us the income tax. It is a way to tax Roth IRA's, which are supposed to be tax-free. As the economy is deliberately imploded, more Americans will be unemployed and therefore unable to pay income tax. To skin these people alive, the elite now promote this scheme for a national sales tax. Because all the jobs have been shipped offshore, children will remain at home with their parents longer. But here comes the national sales tax to ensure they can never leave the nest. When their parents die, Big Brother steps in to make sure he gets his cut of the remnants of that family's wealth by taxing them for everything they buy with that money for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, the stock market serves no redeeming social value. Big banks make thousands of computerized trades every second rigging the markets. This is where we need a sales tax, to tax this type of unproductive activity. Similarly, when a corporation buys another corporation, it should have to pay sales tax on its hostile takeover. Corporations are government entities, not creations of the free market, and we need to revisit whether they should have the right to exist. To those who claim that corporations are persons, then corporations should have to pay the same taxes that persons do. But corporations are not persons -- corporate officers are granted by the government legal immunity from personal liability for their actions, just as politicians grant themselves.