Comment: We'll probably never know for sure... but

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We'll probably never know for sure... but

the evidence had the only wounds on Martin being with his knuckles, while Zimmerman suffered 2 black eyes, lacerations, and a broken nose, with eye witness testimony corroborating the story. So if you are assaulted, and being batteried you should be able to defend yourself. That being said, shooting someone at this point may not have been justified unless you truly fear for your life. Here's the thing that makes me wonder this piece... is wether or not Trayvon did actually say he was going to murder him while he was beating the snot out of him. That's the only part of the story that only Zimmerman knows, and lays claim to. If that's the case, then we are talking attempted murder, and you have a right to defend yourself with a firearm, and every reason to fear for your life.

I'm just glad the DP posters aren't falling for the race baiting the media has created, no matter what side we are in. We will never personally know everything that happened tho.