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i know all of them

was aspiring to be a pastor
but didn't the creator take out the things he called his creation?
as i pointed out above,about the promised land,he did order peoples
to be killed
the creator has killed himself,he can claim innocent,as the bible says
he sent the angel of death out to kill all first born of egyptians
he did kill the pharaohs army in the sea of reeds
he certainly cannot claim ignorance when cain killed abel,as he saw that happen by by his own reckoning,can you or I claim that it is a right to exist
i cannot at this time,but i can claim with a little bit of certainty,that i was born
#6 thou shall not murder...unless it is other peoples,living in other lands...see #6
#8 thou shall not steal...unless it is pagans or gentiles
#10 covet...unless she is mary (i guess),then i can defile her
or others peoples stuff...see #8
#7 thou shall not commit adultery.while was not married,she was spoken for
engaged,betrothed,and yet a virgin gets preggers,and the creator says what?
he says i sent the holy spirit...having another do the job,so as not guilty of breaking a commandment??

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence