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I posted those just for you,and i have told you that twice
all you have done since being here is twist truth,deny it,and when that doesn't work,as your last names,belittle and twist what others say...oh i forgot,the ad hom attacks
why, i even went so far as to say why i gave you 2 bogus sites...
forgot that did you? oh,thats right,you just dismissed it,and claimed i read
or claim that as truth lol
a lawyer,in your dreams,you can't even read nor comprehend english
i have pointed out way too many times you failed to comprehend ,and have gone so far as to rephrase the questions/answers(yet again you failed it
i have pointed out,as well as others here how full of it you are,and yet day by day,you seem to forget what was mentioned yesterday,why do i suppose this is?
I know,you were called out,made a fool of,so in your mind you think,i will take a day off and people will just forget the last time i was here. pfffft
a couple of other people here have stated what is in a search warrant,your response back is an ad hom attack.You have nothing to draw from
are afraid of others seeing it,so in your mind you think if i attack these here,others will see how big of a man i am,and how smart
you are so full of yourself,too self important,but in fact the opposite is true
you are a know nothing scaredy cat,and you don't want others to this fact about you,but i have,and i have consistently pointed this out to you
and yet,you see it not,but i could are what your feelings are,go back to your moms basement(as you put it)
have a nice posting day :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)