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Comment: Two cents with citation

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Two cents with citation

It seems to me, recovering alcoholic and pot smoker, that most people who find themselves in the position of abusing drugs or letting them get in the way of life are suffering from several conditions. None of which marijuana or, more appropriately, cannabis can be held responsible for.

In our self-deluded, misguided, misinformed and distracted society of America I find that most people lack the sweet practice of reflection. I too lacked it for years. Whilst I had dreams and goals the healthy practice of reflection never allowed me to look at my own actions and how they were facilitating failure. Instead of sitting on the couch watching the tube I could have spent that time pursuing goals and dreams. But television rewards the brain too. And it does so in a far more artificial sense that cannabis does. But if we do not reflect with ourselves and determine why we feel the way we feel I find that it keeps us powerless to resolve those issues.

Poverty happens to be one of the conditions that keeps us from pursuing dreams and goals. Many of us find ourselves in places and positions where we would like to do something with our time but we simply cannot afford to do so. Raleigh is an awesome place if you have money to spend. If you are not a rampant consumer you will find it more difficult to pass your time actively. Places of pristine beauty like the beach or mountains are better for the active to pursue cheap, wholesome entertainment. For those who want to break out of the box who have no interest in society's usual distractions, imagination is key. I take no pleasure in football or any of the other sports that we tend to watch. No other person can fulfill my life. Watching others fulfill theirs is no way to go about it. Yet this is the distraction offered to most. And most take it willingly.

Indoctrination is perhaps one of the most powerful things keeping people from performing well in life. When you go through your early life exposed to blatant lies from officials who wrote textbooks and you are meant to believe it then therein lies our greatest burden. Why did the D.A.R.E. program not mention that cannabis is so useful? Why did they not mention that it has so many health benefits? Why did they do nothing but tell me that if I went down the path of using any "street drugs" that I would become a shitbag in society and nothing else? How many people have never broken that mold?

No matter of rationalization can justify purely lazy and parasitic behavior. Yet we seem to have a great deal of that going on now do we not? But the problems of our culture and society stem from a dishonest approach to education and personal empowerment. They certainly do not stem from plants or substances whose benefits throughout history are self-evident. You cannot blame someone's personal behavior on a single choice that was made for any reason. You must analyze the entire environment in which they were raised and in which they reside. Living in a culture in America where an entire generation should be ashamed for having let things go to hell in a hand basket on their watch while they consumed, shopped and spent themselves into oblivion while giving birth to new generations without any real understanding of what makes a person successful, free and independent has probably done more to let you down than anything else.

If you still have a resentment against pot after careful reflection and analysis there is an incredible amount of reading that will change your mind. I suggest you start with a 1988 petition to the DEA from NORML reviewed by Francis Young. When you finish reading about three year old cancer patient who used pot and got better perhaps your mind will open more. Good luck and God speed.