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Don't be silly.

Of course all property does not come from violence. Unless you think violence is done to unowned property before it was homesteaded. Maybe violence was done to trees or the deer that lived there or whatnot. Idk do you think animals have property rights?

I do agree that sins of the father and corruption of blood are invalid principles. If you don't reclaim your property while you are alive you have no more claim. It may not be your fault that you failed to do so. But once no one alive is a direct perpetrator or direct victim the matter must rest. This is not because the current situation is made just by the years. It is because after enough time, the 'solution' is even less just.

And you seem to have a mononmania about Rome. Rome was just another empire which we fail to learn anything from. Property rights didn't 'arise' when it fell. Well we don't learn the right lesson anyway. Rome 'learned' from Greece and the UK 'learned' from Rome and we 'learned' from the UK. It will end the same.

And legal title has nothing to do with who owns something. Emperors, Kings, Lords, et al always grant themselves title to land. The US granted itself title to Indian territories. This doesn't mean that had they been able to at the time, that they would not have been justified in wiping out the invaders. They certainly would have.