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I'd have to say the kid was

I'd have to say the kid was up to no good. He walks a mile in the pouring rain for Skiddles and soft drink...which was unopened at the time. According to his posts various social media he was into the "lean" or "purple drank" and fighting. He was 30 seconds from his house. When Zimmerman walked out of the car it was to tell the police dispatch the street name...of which time he was on the phone with them...after the fact that TM had already left the scene when he turned the corner. This was all reported and accounted for. These are facts. Zimmerman told the dispatch TM turned down the street. The dispatch ask him where he was located. Zimmerman gets out to look at the street. The dispatch tells Zimmerman he does not need to follow him. The phone call is ended. Zimmermans story of what happened after can not be discredited and there is existing evidence that can correlate his story. The only injuries aside from TM's knuckles where of Zimmerman which proves he was on the ground getting his face beaten and head pounded into the ground. Eyewitnesses testified that TM was on top.

It's a fact that TM left the scene (and was only 30 seconds from his home) but came back to sucker punch Zimmerman in the face...and pound his head in the cement. At what point does someone have the right to defend themselves?