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I'll blather on some more

anyone who goes to law school learns that a prosecutor has an ETHICAL DUTY to NOT prosecute criminal cases that don't have a reasonable likelihood of success. This one was so one sided that they had to fire a prosector and then find a malleable stooge to get it filed. He did a competent enough job, aside from the fact that it could have gone very wrong, and there would have been no evidence to support a malice-based killing. This isn't hypothetical stuff, this is solid, universal law, and it shouldn't have been filed at all, ever.

One of the hosts on Fox (I know, I know) a female former judge named Pirro made this observation. Despite what people might think, criminal cases are almost NEVER brought just because the family of the victim hires a spokesperson lawyer, or a political party wants it. We don't just tee up things and let the jry work it out unless under the law there is evidence to support the charges and per Dershowitz and others it is actuallY MISCONDUCT to do it any other way.

The prosecutors and attorneys pushing this thing should have their own trial to answer for, and have to feel the same eight of prosecution brought against them that Zimmerman had brought against him, unfairly. If I were Zimmerman, I would have a bar complaint filed against those perpetrators by the week's end. I hope he does!

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