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holding as in carrying. my

holding as in carrying. my bad. called him a punk on the 911 call, not to his face. he didn't actually say anything to his face, including that he was not there to harm him (which yes he did have a whole residential block or three to say to him BEFORE supposedly being caught off guard).

im not a zimmerman hater. he's probably a good guy. the not guilty verdict is perfect because there was a reasonable doubt. but there is no evidence he is someone to automatically defend, the same way there is no evidence trayvon martin is someone to automatically defend like these protesters are doing.


that shit is obnoxious. but so is calling someone a 'zimmerman hater' just because i admit i don't know anything about his motive for killing a kid, the same way i admit i don't know the kid's motive for punching him in the face.