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I agree 100% in what you stated.

This kid probably didn't want to kill Zimmerman at all, and I'm not sure anyone insinuated that he had that intent, but we are now discussing after the fact and you must remember that Zimmerman did not have the advantage to know he was 17, that he was not a criminal looking to rob or assault someone in the community, that he was not a rapist, it was his responsibility to make sure that element did not come into his community via his participation in the neighborhood watch.

So in 45 seconds after Martin attacked Zimmerman, in the dark, in the rain, he had to decide all of this while getting hit, and no idea who it was and what his intentions were, but we do know at the very least that Zimmerman did follow him, Martin ran and got away, and the two came together in the area of 4 minutes, but the problem is whether Zimmerman sought him, or Martin wanted to confront Zimmerman, the law was broken when he hit Zimmerman in the nose, and since Martin had no signs of trauma from punches from Zimmerman, we can only speculate at that point. Even Peggy admits that we will never know, yet she is sure Zimmerman is guilty as her post states. but if the statements are true, the ones that the jury, police, eyewitnesses, forensic experts all testified to, then the shooting was justified and was a tragedy any way you look at it.

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