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I am not confusing NEOliberalism to NEOconservatisism.

Neo liberal and Neo conservative had nothing to do with economics in my 4 decades of activism. It had everything to do with sovreignity opposed to NEO NWO global government.

As of, 13 July 13, NEO took on an entire new ECONOMIC base to me, based on what appears, three months of rewritting discriptions. I accept that.

I am not a Neoliberal, and I am not going to be a Neocliberal, or a Neocon, though I will adapt to the NWO, which I accept as having won.

I will fullfill my obligation to my elected seat; However, I am not interested in furthering a polotocal careeer.

I thank Ron Paul for the education, wish Rand Paul well, and will make the best of my enslavement.

Fare you well.