Comment: I wholeheartely agree with the OP

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I wholeheartely agree with the OP

As a Florida resident who carries a firearm, I can tell you that when you take the test to get your CWP, they specifically tell you not to go out looking for trouble. They make it clear that having a CWP doesn't make you a cop. They tell you that if you can avoid a confrontation, you are OBLIGATED to do that. While we don't know everything that transpired that night. We do know that Zimmerman left his property (his car), and ventured onto other people's property to assess the situation. Minutes later Trayvon was dead.

I keep hearing people talk about Zimmerman's right to defend himself. But what about Trayvon's right to defend himself?!?!? If a guy is following me in his vehicle. And then when I hide, he gets out of his car and approaches me with a gun. I might try to beat the s*** out of him too. The bottom line is, while this isn't 1st degree murder, his actions were absolutely reckless and he shouldn't be considered responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm. Having a CWP DOES NOT give you the right to be a vigilante. PERIOD