Comment: No You're mistaken

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No You're mistaken

The facts and evidence are that Zimmerman was assaulted after legally engaging in neighborhood watch activity. Exactly what happened - only two people who know - but you are way too sympathetic to idea of Zimmerman as the vigilante.

That's why this is polarizing. On the one hand, there are facts, and then on the other are the people who buy into the narrative and therefore are willing to ignore the facts.

When people know the facts support their understanding of things, they get mad when people ignore them. When people emotionally attach to a series of events, facts don't matter.

These are the two camps.

The cause is a campaign orchestrated in big media, the white house, and left-wing groups to demonize zimmerman and push a false narrative. Combine this with popular culture and social media, and you have a lot of people who are emotionally attached to a fake story.

Sad that people here at DP are part of that.