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Comment: I had a

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I had a

couple of favorite moments but a few that stood out was when he told the audience that "how many people would go do heroin if it was legal tomorrow? I bet NOBODY! Yeah I need the government to take care of me so I need these laws.

"We don't have the first amendment so we can talk about the weather" LOL

"I probably didn't use those words, you put those words some place" LOL
here is the link..

Also the time when he said 0 when it came to Taxes and every body was shocked. lol

And also the time when the moderators brought up a medical question and they ignored Paul and the crowd stared yelling for him.

Best part was when he told Santorum he is overly sensitive. lol

I loved it because Santorum got underneath my skin. He was such a hateful war mongering Religious man and it sickened me.