Comment: Hands Down: 2007 SC Ghouliani P0Wnage; Single Moment that

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Hands Down: 2007 SC Ghouliani P0Wnage; Single Moment that

changed the world, FOREVER: inspired millions worldwide to embark on self discovery, study history, philosophy and economics, and research geopolitics, and seek their own paths to self-ownership.

As a grown ass man, I've never teared up so embarrassingly uncontrollably, as when I saw it for the very 1st time, or since:

Oh, and politically DEMOLISHED any future ambition for Benito, the lispy crossdressing September Criminal from NYC:

Screw the POTUS-ship; what can be more important than re-igniting a culture of liberty?

Sure history in the past has been written by 'victors,' but mark my words: they cannot hide reality forever, in the post-digital age (unless there's a WWIII and we all revert to stick and stones forever in its aftermath)!

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul will go down in history as the single person most responsible for kickstarting the American R3VOLution/Renaissance 2.0.

I can confidently assert that every single large political movement since 2007, both real and astroturf (as a counter reaction hijacking), can be Six-Degrees-of-Separations back to Dr. Paul, from the Arab Spring, Colored Revolutions, to Tea Parties and Occupy, along with re-igniting interests in and/or if not hypercharging prepper movement and permaculture/home-steading agorism, etc.

That 'ground zero' point of departure will be all lead back to 2007.

Looking back, that may become the single most important point in history, for the early part of the 21st Century! Yes, siree!

As Tom Woods said: "Ron Paul, you changed the world", forever!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul