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Why Why Why?

GZ said TM punched him in the face and knocked him down, jumped on him and started hitting him.

Would you suggest GZ should have been waving a gun around before he got sucker punched or that he should have told TM that he had a gun in his pants while he was on his back screaming for help so that TM could take it from him?

At no point in this sequence would a normal person pull out a gun unless they knew 3 things:

1) They were being threatened (that did not happen until GZ got hit)
2) They were sure the gun could be a deterrent and would not be taken from and used against them.
3) It was their last chance and they intended to fire it.

From GZ's story, ONLY the last situation presented itself. You can call him a liar if you want, but there is not evidence he lied.