Comment: 2006 + Bush + stupid customers

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2006 + Bush + stupid customers

"Keep in mind that the US Post Office is going broke. Stupid Post Office." Your words. "Wouldn't they hire more employees and purchase more equipment to handle the demand?" Again, your words. Tell me, do you know WHY the Post Office is going broke? Hmm? Can you tell me what lunacy is at work here? Can you tell me which is cheaper, sending mail with UPS or with the USPS? Can you tell me anything without out complaining about that which you do not understand? Until 2006, the Post Office was profitable and ran as a private business would. In fact, aside from CIA drugs and gun running, the USPS was the only money making branch of the government. Look, I'm sorry you had to wait sooo long on your passport. Next time, plan a little further ahead. My wife is a passport agent at the USPS. 34 years of age and not a mean bone in her body. Everyday, people come to her window with the firm belief that a failure to plan on their part constitutes an emergency on my wife's part. They treat her like shit because they think the post office is "Stupid". You know, she's just working. And yes, I can imagine a private business turning away customers who are waiting in line to purchase their products. It's called a Hospital.

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