Comment: LOVE IT! But why stop at DC? Let's go local baby!

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LOVE IT! But why stop at DC? Let's go local baby!

Think they should be forced, YES FORCED, to convert all their private prisons that they corporatist thieved from the citizenry, turn them into educational 'Zoos.'

Why build them new ones? When we got plenty of their buildings laying dormant all across the country?

Yup: Clear cages, and daily tour, as a reminder to all, to WHAT happens to generationally degenerate banksters, their puppets and their heirs.


Should have faux-'shooting gallery' or the much more benign, like carnival water 'dunk-tanks' (hey you don't want prisoners getting bored, do ya?) what better way for them to improve their respiratory system by having a five year old pitch a fastball that activates a lever that dunks a tyrannical douchebag warcriminal in clown outfits sink into a 15 ft deep clear pool with a slight sucky vortex that he/she must struggle to swim back up, day in and day out?

what does the future MLB pitcher in waiting win? A water-boarding actionfigure! He can also "enhance interrogate" REAL warcriminals in action figures, instead of torturing G.I. J.O.E. Cobra figures! (hey, what's good enough for them... LOL)

and play Barney the Dinosaur jingles and Britney Spears 24/7, just like they did in Abu Ghraib, except they'll be fed only into their ears, courtesy of DARPA funded directional speakers that drives you crazy like you got speakers stuck in your head, only playing songs to you, but no one else.

It'll be truly self-sustaining: they have to figure out a way to feed themselves with what remains after we vacate their corporatist private prisons of non-violent citizens: run out of medical and food? Tough shiite.

And, should play video footages of all their crimes playing 24/7 all the screams of grieving mothers and video reels of dead infants with brain oozing out of their pulverized skulls, and DU-mutated pus-oozing babies with 3 fingers and double or triple limbs, on repeat. So they can viscerally feel the pains of all their murdered victims, forever (whether they actually do or not is irrelevant; eventually everyone breaks; and given their soon to be life-term sentences? they got plenty of time to learn to grow remorseful; if not, it'll still annoy them as long as they live). And always refer to them as "Murderer #______" as a constant reminder of their subhuman selves.

Frankly, think the soon-to-be post-Nuremberg 2.0 due-process capital punishments would be way too lenient: MUST keep them ALIVE to serve out their full life sentences. With one major caveat: they MUST keep themselves alive, on their own in their own private prisons/Zoos to live with their sorry selves for the full duration of their sorry ass 'lives.'

I vote for turning their private prisons that they built for the citizenry, into 'self-sustaining UN Agenda 21 loving' 'Zoos' for tyrants!!!

How about y'all?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul