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So an undercover cop

should not carry a gun? He is "following" his suspects. They could very well jump him. So, if the cop shoots the suspect then he shouldn't be considered responsible enough to carry a firearm?

GZ was on neighbourhood watch (similar to being a security guard - he is SUPPOSED to check out suspicious activities)- he saw something suspicious and called the cops - THEY asked him where Trayvon went to, which Zimmerman checked out and told them that he couldn't see him any longer. The cops then told Zimmerman to not bother trying to follow him any more. On the way back to his car he gets jumped - having the shit beat out of him. NO PROVOCATION FROM ZIMMERMAN. And you think Zimmerman should have just lay there and died? If Trayvon was worried about being followed why didn't HE call the cops? It was reported that he had his cell phone. Could it be that he has a record???????