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You mean the Libertarian Party that

nominated CIA Bob Barr? The same guy that also disrespected Ron Paul at every opportunity?

Sorry Matt but, no thanks. The LP is going to take a few decades to be trustworthy again in my mind. They pretty much committed the cardinal sins of their own party by ever even considering that option and letting their guy bash Paul, let alone allowing all of that to actually happen.

Especially after all the spying coming to light recently - A 'supposed' "ex-CIA" guy? As the "Libertarian" candidate?

No excuse in the world is going to bury that steaming pile of major mistake on the LP's part.

I can't trust that party at all now. Now I think the whole party is a "just in case" plan B for the same problematic parties we have already.

Slow infiltration of the current leading parties is the better answer and a much safer bet.