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My sincere apologies, thank you for your candor.

I had no intention to offend postal workers. I have always found post office workers very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Prices at the post office are reasonable, in fact prices are very competitive for the service rendered. I also kick myself, once again, for not renewing family member's passports before planning a trip. It's just one of those things that I never look at until it is needed, bad habit. If you have ever dealt with third world postal services, as I have, you really appreciate the quality of service at the USPS. My post was only intended to point out that there is a lot of profit falling through the cracks, and possible jobs being lost, by the post office in my location because it is not equipped to handle the sales which it could have. Thanks to your comment I now know what was wrong with the post. Lesson learned. I will be very careful if I ever use the word "stupid" in the future, and have removed it from the post. Thank You!

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