Comment: Awe. TMan2000, you shouldn't

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Awe. TMan2000, you shouldn't

Awe. TMan2000, you shouldn't have. Blush...

"Welcome to Zoo America, Patriots!" Step right up and see George W. Bush eating a banana he stole from Dick Cheney. Oh wait a minute, here comes the former dictator in chief himself, Barry Soetoro, aka, "president," Obama. Looks like he wants to fight W. for the banana. Oh snap, here comes the Giuliani gang of monkeys and they look hungry to me! Rumor is that the Giuliani gang has teamed up with Eric Holder's group of Fast and Furious misfits in an attempt to subvert all the other animals in Zoo's their classic hereditary trait that was finally caught, and they're all here today on display to teach mankind a lesson. When humans act like animals, they join the Zoo. Don't do this at home folks. Keep your arms tucked close by your sides at all times. Are you all ready for the ride?"

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.