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FYI: The detective says in


The detective says in his report that in one of Zimmerman's audio statements to police, he said he got out of his car so he could see where Trayvon was going and give that information to the dispatcher.

The report goes on to say that when he got out of his car looking for Trayvon, the dispatcher asked him if he was following Trayvon. Zimmerman said, "Yes."

But Zimmerman gave a different answer in his first audio statement to police. He said he told the dispatcher, "I don't know. I don't know where he went."

In subsequent interviews, including his written statement to police that night and a walk through with police at the crime scene the day after the shooting, Zimmerman told police he said he only got out of his car to look up the name of the street where he was standing.

The detective in his report says Zimmerman avoided speaking to Martin because he was afraid of him. But, "later in the encounter, Zimmerman exited his vehicle, in spite of his earlier admission to investigators that he was afraid of Martin…. His actions are inconsistent with those of a person who has stated he was in fear of another subject," Serino says in the report. The report goes on to say that the tragedy was avoidable by Zimmerman, who had "reached a faulty conclusion as to Martin's purpose for being in the neighborhood."

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