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Interesting you feel that way..

What is most interesting is that you claim Martin and Zimmerman had a dialogue, the most intriguing of this fact is the prosecution did not give this evidence at any point in the trial, I think it was because no one knows what happened between the two other than Zimmerman and Martin, so simply creating a scenario everyone knows is false does not help progress your emotional synopsis.

There is nothing to suggest that the two ever conversed other than what Zimmerman claimed was an ambush and a knock down which resulted in a broken nose, later an eyewitness confirmed that Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him in a downward fashion, these facts are hard to escape when trying to claim Zimmerman stalked this kid with the intention of harming him. So how does one that does not know the facts of the trial that are public knowledge continue to post thoughts that are incorrect with facts we already know?

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