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i can get down with

i cen git down wit that dat scifi shyt.

then you just have to worry about the some 200 armed, tax funded states, using same and better tech, that will continue to have you outgunned, outnumbered, and out tech'd.

and their complete control over the means of exchange upon which 8 or 9 billion people will depend for their daily braed.

you'd prob have to get rid of em all at one stroke, like the way Trotsky wanted - international revolution! permanent revolution! socialism everywhere!

stalin, that suave beast, was like, AWWW hell NOO, communism in one country, nugga. so Trotsky got Snowden'd.. anyway

for the ANCAPS, it won't even be an option. all states gotta go at once, can't have a state around when alls i gots is dis measly sub-par blackwater wanna be agency, staffed by a bunch of fsckin pansies who read Lysander Spooner and talk about NAP. WTF. permanent revoluton!~

and nuclear warheads stock gotta be privatized, auctioned off like the way everything was auctioned post Gorbachov soviet collapse.... parcel dem badboys out to yer protection agencies when you've brought down all the states of the world w/ the POWER of, boundless LOV3.

hearts will crumble. walls will tumble. ...kumbayaaa....

its... beautiful. like a dream. Utopia! its heeeeeeree.

make a good sci fi paperback.