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Comment: Lazy, Uncritical Thinkers Dislike Conspiracy Theories

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Lazy, Uncritical Thinkers Dislike Conspiracy Theories

Why are conspiracy theories, e.g. UFOs, derided in the first place by governments and the controlled media?

I contend that conspiracy theories are NOT primarily derided by the mass media and governments because of their lack of substantiation, but rather because conspiracy theories PROVOKE thought on controversial issues. Why would the mass media or a government want a critical thinking populace? Independent thinkers won't necessarily follow a nefarious agenda.

Notice that uncritical thinkers like most voters, a trait loved by government and the mass media, will either accept a controversial issue without further investigation as either true or reject it outright. These same uncritical thinkers will likely vote for candidates with either a D or R next to the candidate's name as well. Conspiracy theories help to provoke critical thought and debate so be wary of ANYONE deriding conspiracy theories, especially people like Glen Beck who mocked Debra Medina over a rather innocent remark regarding 9/11. Now, you can understand the mentality of Beck's uncritical supporters and why America is in a political and social mess.