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Richard Gilbert the Liberty Fighter

It is sad that we have learned of Richard Gilbert's passing, which was on Sunday the 14th. Besides being missed greatly we should all remember this great Liberty fighter for his HUGE support for Dr. Ron Paul along with many other battles he fought for the rights of our Liberties.

To Honor Richard please take a moment to think about how much he gave for many years, way before we ever met him. He was all about our Constitution before many of you were even born. This man fought with his heart and soul for every single one of our Liberties, not just for Ron Paul, but for us all! Please take the time to read the Constitution and our Bill of Rights to remember this great warrior for Liberty. Nothing would please him more than for us to read again these documents and understand their true value.

It is our time to pick up the torch and carry on with our heads held high and to know that with everyone that fights for Liberty we simply join Richard in the greatest quest of our times. He always said that we are doing this together, not him alone. He never asked for the glory. He only wished for our Rights to be honored and restored, and for us to have the chance to have our Freedom. This man detested "the Romney Camp" as he called them, and the elitists for using us all. He was right about his work and his fight, our fight.

If you are not familiar with how the case turned out. It was ruled MUTE as the convention was starting so there wasn't enough time to research and finish a true case before the convention would be over. That Mute ruling was a favorable ruling and the information in that case can be used again, possibly against the RNC in the future. This was more than any other case had given to us in our fight for our rights. This was huge in the scheme of things. Thank you Richard for doing this for us all, especially for trying to help battle for Dr. Ron Paul's true votes from us supporters. Of course he knew it was a long shot but being a long shot never stopped Richard. It was just one more thing to take the step up as a warrior and try.

There was a lighter side to Richard that many didn't have the opportunity to experience. He was a very kind and a very giving man with a wonderful sense of humor. He was so intelligent and able to see beyond a few months or years. He will be immensely missed.

Saying good bye, Rest In Peace my friend, we have it from here on out. We will never lay down that torch.

Shirley aka Liberty Shirl on fb