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We will win

You can spill your bs out all you want. I see clearly how we can protect our laws and in turn protect ourselves from psychos like you.

DP watch out for this guy. He has openly admitted he has worked explicitly to subvert our laws and reinforce precedent of ADL dribble that further usurps the protection of our laws. That's why you will always see ego stroking and name calling coming from him but never detailed facts.

Boneless Chicken knows that if everyone were to truly realize the true nature of law then we can SHAPE LAW using Real Law. Real Law is inherent hierarchy of applicable law to applicable entities which are inherently consistent and all encompassing. If our only true understanding is that a valid cause of action requires allegations of actual injury through a consenting accusation of the governed then we can systematically begin to shape Common Law due to the unyielding Law of Nature called Time. Common Law changes over time and it has changed in the direction of tyranny because We the People have forgotten what exactly consent of the governed and a valid cause of actions actually means historically when it comes to courts having subject matter jurisdiction. We can simply rediscover this fact and then challenge jurisdiction on every pre-emptive unlawful action initiated by "government" without consent of the governed and the courts will yield to the UNYIELDING Law of Time and self-evident fact. We will remember the equitable nature of Common Law or we will lose it in exchange for tyranny.

Boneless Chicken is one of the tyrants who understands and seeks to further confuse people here so that We the People won't see clearly that codes do not claim applicability to the People for very explicit reasons in maintaining logically congruent laws that do not ever conflict with one another. Codes/statutes applies to person (a legal capacity) for the very specific reason that regulation applies to contractually created limited liability capacities where regulation defines the scope and duty of that legal personhood capacity which is NOT legally or lawfully equivalent to a full liability man or woman (People). Read all case law and codes very carefully and you will see what I am talking about here. It is obvious how we got to where we are once one realizes what happened with the applicability of legal personhood before and after the Civil War. Lysander Spooner nailed the whole thing perfectly clearly in No Treason but Boneless Chicken cannot debate on this level because BC knows very little history outside of case law since the Civil War and he clearly does not know hardly anything about the historical foundations of the Law of Agency.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...