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Comment: This speech is a gem of utter deception sworn to come later on

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This speech is a gem of utter deception sworn to come later on

This speech is a gem of utter deception sworn to come later on, because for every single thing he praises in it, or make a dull lip service about, and tries to make eloquent, he just hasn't ceased to plunder it with an ever increasing intensity and arrogance in 5 years already.

It's as if he'd think the people is completely blind, dumbed down, or both - in complete disregard of the millenium-old common wisdom, whether we're religious or not at all :

no matter what one says, their actions will always speak louder than their words... eventually, SOONER OR LATER.

Just ask the German people their change of perception of their leaders by 1945, with their country completely humiliated, defeated, dishonored forever almost, as compared to the ecstatic chants in unisson of the majority of the mobs in 1933, after listening to a Hitler's speech.

But guess what, ObaMARX betrayed himself, and couldn't prevent his collectivist plans to slip, in the second to last paragraph - from "That is the community we strive to build..." and on.

Read slowly. Read carefully. And take it literally.

Just see how you can spot the veil, retrospectively, slightly creased.

THAT was the only part he really, TOTALLY meant/wished for to be put in place.

I suspect that was likely one of the few or the only part he wrote by himself (without speech writer assistant).

But he hasn't even totally dropped the mask, just yet, though, IMO.

I bet it's getting really close by now.

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