Comment: It's the non-trial details that are the story

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It's the non-trial details that are the story

That's not to say that justice shouldn't be served (regardless of who was guilty or innocent). It's a tragedy that anyone loses their life. And Trayvon was very young so it makes it even more sad. On the Zimmerman side, his life is going to be very difficult on multiple fronts (knowing he killed someone, knowing that he and probably his family have death threats, etc).

However, again, the thing that sticks out in my mind about this case are the non-trial details. Why was this case made brought into the national spotlight? There are plenty of murders that go on (Chicago anyone?)

Why was Zimmerman's call edited (I think by MSNBC) to make it seem like he was racist? Why was he referred to as "white Hispanic"? Why did the judge bring up the possibility of manslaughter? Why is Eric Holder going after Zimmerman.