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Right Verrater

So according to you cops have special rights that regular people don't? If I want to follow someone in public I'll do so. It violates no one's rights.

That's my feeling on the subject. If Z had been a cop this wouldn't be a world wide argument.
HOWEVER - it should make absolutely NO difference. He WAS a "cop" at the time. He was talking to the cops on the phone, reporting suspicious activities in his neighbourhood. I don't care if he called them 20 times a day. Calling the cops is not a crime, unless you are making a false report. If someone is walking through your back yard, snooping around your stuff, do you have a right to watch them and call the cops? Or are you supposed to hide your head so you wont violate some possible law? Following is not a crime (I don't care if you have a CCW - it is NOT a crime to follow someone - unless they have a restraining order against you).