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Comment: well if it wasn't for the

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well if it wasn't for the

well if it wasn't for the drug war he would've tripped on LSD or maybe just smoked some serious chronic. In either case as far as fucking with someone's psyche after repeated exposure LSD is benign measured against taking dxm. But Walking around fucked up shouldn't be used to rationalize pre-crime snitching. Zimmerman's a bitch for that reason alone...if someone called the cops on me for being fucked up on drugs I'd wanna beat his ass too. Martin didn't understand drugs either - he thought dxm and codeine are the same. Truthful education could lead to kids doing much better drugs if coupled with full legalization of weed, LSD, mushrooms, morphine, xanax, etc. OTC. Those are all way safer than the designer drugs kids and people my age have and continue to use on the regular.