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I upvoted your post

because I am in total agreement with your opinion. Notice I said opinion because thats what I believe it is. I started another post along the same lines as yours and all hell broke loose.

I don't watch MSN news but while making coffee this morning a news anchor was reported that a jurist has come forward to talk about why they acquitted Zimmerman. She claimed they had no choice. Many wanted to find him guilty but couldn't. She claimed many of the woman were sobbing when they cast their vote. They like me felt that yes they believed Martin threw the first punch but did not believe Zimmermans account on how that confrontation went down.

What is most bizarre is in one of my posts, on my thread, I stated had I been on that jury I would have had to vote to acquit him too but that does not mean I did not think Zimmerman was not guilty. This jurist stated exactly almost word for word what I would have had to do and felt.

Let me warn you. It won't be long before the hounds attack you for this post. I was accused of not knowing the facts. Well here is a jurist that sat through this whole trial, voted to acquit him but believed he was guilty and many others on that jury apparently felt the same way.

Another oddity is that Zimmerman claims Trayvon was beating his brains in but yet he had enough energy and strength to scream for help loud enough for residents to here him.

The saving grace in all of this is that Zimmerman will pay a huge price for what he did. I guess that justice finds its way in the universe.