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I do not want the USA to fight wars for Israel. Israel is not asking the USA to fight their wars. The Neocons entangle Israel, trying to bind Israel, blackmailing FRNs and MIC with Israel.. but Israel does not need the USA, is not asking the USA to be entangled.

Israel simply strives to be SOVREIGN, not entangled in wars.

Israel is not looking for wars.

Israel looks out for Israel and has a healthy distrust of the USA who was caught spying on Israel with the USS Liberty that it bombed as a big message to the USA: MYOB!

This talk about what Jews in the name of Israel control is the same line Hitler's propeganda was all about.

Blowback.. it was a theory RP used to seperate himself from the Neocon excuse to go to war over 911, which most on DP didn't agree as they claimed 911 was an "Inside job". I believe it was a UN job with Islam fuled with hate propeganda to cover the fact that the UN AGENDA 21 and it's environmental protections made it impossible for the USA to demolish the WTC which was obsolete being it was built with hazardous materials (that were legal at the time). There was no way to demolish the WTC legally.. But I don't think it was ALL Bush. I think it was the senators from NY/NJ and the Port Authority (who are NEVER named).

I don't agree with you that is those candidates who go to Israel.. Ron Paul never made the trip, BUT HE SHOULD HAVE, because he says WE SHOULD TRADE, and Israel's products are superior and why China and India are all over Israel.. he should have gone to Israel to make his point about FREE TRADE, instead, he made himself out to be a racist (anti-Jew). Thank God Rand seperated humself from Ron's racist history.. and don't get me wrong, Ron Paul grew up in a racist America.. Robert Byrd carried a pocket constitution and waved it on the Senate floor with every speach as he lamented about the lack of senate in the house hearing anything.. he said his 2 week stint in the KKK was an albatross around his neck, and it was. Ron Paul has a simular albatross with his anti-Israel BS.

Ron Paul was cheated by MSM. I am far from alone in people who sacrificed a great deal.. went out of MY way, spent thousands of dollars, had my car keyed, fought my local GOP to get a seat to be a delegate... I am FAR from alone in people who worked their asses off to get Ron Paul the nomination.. and Ron Paul LET ME DOWN.

He didn't fight when he should have. For all of us who fought our communities, took hits, he suddenly got quiet.. told us to be nice. He didn't stand for us the way we stood for him.. he let us FALL. I joined the bloody GOP, signed loyalty oaths.. I did what I NEVER thought I would do to help Ron Paul, and he didn't fight, he fell back and let our enemies eat us alive. I'm in the GOP.. I have my elected seat, thanks Ron Paul.. I have NO DOUBT the whole thing was a set up for Rand.. and I like Rand, so I'm OK. But Ron never ran to win. He lied about that. And anyone who did not join the GOP and work as hard as I did for Ron Paul isn't going to guilt trip me. I KNOW what Ron Paul did and didn't do.

Zionist media.. this conspiracy propeganda about a zionist media is MORE nazi talk. Blame the jews. People who BLAME are people who don't take responsibilty. Blaming the Jews in the name of Zionist is what mentally lame people do. It's slave talk and all you do talking like that is seal your own fate as a slave.

Ron Paul did NOT have the GOP backing. It was the GOP who silenced Ron Paul.. they gave him NO credit, censored him..Ron Paul did NOT have people SEATED in the GOP to back him. Media sourced GOP and got NOTHING. My own GOP fought me and none of them are Jewish, ALL of them were warmongers and they could care less where the war was.. if the war was to bomb Israel they would have been for that too.

It is not a pet peeve. History repeats itself.. it cycles, and when I see people talking like nazis, using Hitlers same propeganda against The Jews in the name of Zionist and hate for Israel.. I know, they have no idea.. probably would deny because they don't know.. they have bought the conspiracy propeganda in the name of "waking up". Thaty have NOT woken up. They have given themselves fuel to hate and blame, rather than fuel to get involved and change what they don't like.

I don't consider you an expert, not am I seeking your help in my discovery of wiki changing the political game board. I think you're a sucker and what ever fate happens to you, I don't think you have the balls or brains to think and act for yourself.

Don't try to fix me.. fix your own blaming hatefilled self. Nothing but excuses in the name of appeasment.. what a flippin loser you are.