Comment: Wow... Where to start with this huge pile of idiocy.

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Wow... Where to start with this huge pile of idiocy.


Have you ever been in a fight? Do you know what it's like to be hit in the nose and have it break? I fought a LOT in my younger days. Being one of only a hand full of white kids in a black dominated school. It was either fight or be bullied. This was late 80's early 90's. The pinnacle of gangster rap, east coast west coast crap feud. I do not care what you or peggy say regarding blacks and black culture. I know it, I grew up in it. I know EXACTLY what what's his name was doing in the neighborhood that night. His history (although excluded from the court by a Chris Farley looking judge) shows he was a thug. His 3 previous suspensions, his drug use, as well as his favorite drink (lean, or purple drink) his own autopsy showed his liver had the beginning stages of degrading because of his behavior and drug use.

But back to the original comment. I have had my nose broken, a single hit to the face in the right area will break your nose immediately. At that point, you can't see your eyes water up like nothing else and your choking on your own blood if your head goes back. So you expect Zimmerman to hold his own after being sucker punched by some wanna be thug? Eye's watering can't see because everything is blurry, and can't breath without swallowing his own blood. How about someone sucker punches you in the face when you least expect it. I can guarantee you'll go down quicker than a Thai whore if you have your nose broken with a single punch. At that point you're an easy target for the "ground and pound" move that what's his name was doing to Zimmerman.

But go ahead, think a punch to the face is like in the movies and that Zimmerman should of been able to hold his own. That tells me right there you've never been in a fight, had your nose broken or fought back while trying not to choke on your own blood flowing back into your throat.

You're nothing more than an armchair coward. I would of done the exact same thing that Zimmerman did in the same situation. Racist? Nope it's either me or him at that point. Especially when there was eye witness testimony that what's his name said that Zimmerman was going to die that night. That's why the police didn't arrest him until after the race baiters and and race hustlers such as yourself donned a hoodie and went after Zimmerman. That's why the jury acquitted him. Either way Zimmerman still has to live as a marked man. I would of taken my chances free than behind bars, because had he been found guilty he would of died in prison.

Which apparently would of been ok with you and Peggy.. For some reason disillusion reality is part of your foundation for your so called opinions... Emotional opinions are ok, but don't base your life or the life of another on them. If you have your nose broken, can't see, can't breath and being told that you're going to die tonight. Let me know what decision you make if you have the means to stop the confrontation.

To me it shows amazing control that what's his name wasn't shot multiple times. I'm not sure I wouldn't of put 2-3 shells in that worthless SOB. He had 1 shot, and this was after almost a full minute of taking a beating. And only after what's his name went after the weapon after he saw it.