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Comment: The facts are that the police

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The facts are that the police

The facts are that the police didn't originally charge Zimmerman for a reason, the jury returned a not guilty verdict for that same reason: there wasn't enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of murder.

But because of this thought process, speculation about what Zimmerman may or may not have been thinking or "looking for", we have a 3rd party group of victims suffering, thanks to fanning of flames by the media and our government(as usual), and that is property owners and citizens in places where there are riots.

Speculation like this has led to people being assaulted and beaten as well as property destroyed. Property legally earned by hard working people. People losing a bit of their precious time due to an angry mob assaulting them just because they were in the wrong place at this unfortunate time.

I'd recommend you think about the victims right now in Los Angeles and Chicago and other places before you cherry pick the information that supports your preconceived notions. They are suffering because of what people "think". He was found not guilty by an impartial jury of his peers. While Trayvon's death is an absolutely tragedy, I don't think it's wise to fuel a misdirected media fire and have it boil over into even more tragedies.