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yet according to wiki he is not

Michael Johnston and Noam Chomsky assert that classical liberalism as such can no longer exist in a modern-day context as its principles were only relevant at the time its founding thinkers conceptualised them; and that classical liberalism has grown into two divergent philosophies since the beginning of the twentieth century: social liberalism and market liberalism.[80][not in citation given][full citation needed]

It appears to me, cinservatives are being culled through wiki.. there is a war of ideas, and we apparently are not engaged.

I personally found it shocking to find that according to wiki I am a NEOCON. I never supported Bush in any way shape or form, and to read that NEOCON is basically someone who supports Israel, which I don't see Neoconservatism as supporting Israel.. I see it as entangling Israel to blame Israel.

And now to learn that Neoliberal is based on economics and not philosophy.. there is a war of ideas.

Sovreinity is at stake.