Comment: Should he had been acquitted? Yes.

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Should he had been acquitted? Yes.

I agree. I also agree with your assessment of his wannabe status and the fact that he was a wimp on a power trip. I also believe that wimpy little twerps who can't even physically defend themselves shouldn't assume a position of protecting others. That is why I don't agree with woman being cops.

But for those who don't think GZ should have been acquitted just ask yourself how this would play on peoples minds if GZ where a woman and TM was slamming her head in the pavement?

The one fact that gets GZ acquitted is that no matter who started the fight, once GZ hit the ground then TM is no longer defending himself by continuing to beat him. At that point GZ becomes the defendant and has a right to that defense no matter how much of a simple minded weakling he is.