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If you look back at my posts you will see that I stated had I been on the jury I would have voted to acquit. Based on what was presented there would have been no other choice.

Trayvon had a troubling profile, but so did Zimmerman.

Just as Trayvon Martin appeared to be a very troubled youth, I think Zimmerman also has a troubling past. Lets not forget Zimmermans Daddy was a judge. We all know how that shit works.

How many times have we seen news stories posted on DP that someone got shot and killed because some neighbor was suspicious. Is this whole thinking the result of the see something, say something mentality.

Zimmermans personality traits scare me. He appears to be a wannabe tough guy.

I have also thought about how the hell does a man who is being beaten supposedly to death have the energy, or the wind to be able to repeatedly scream for help loud enough that neighbors could hear him.

Was he just laying on his back while Trayvon was punching him. Why wasn't there any marks on Trayvon? Maybe it was because Zimmerman never even attempted to defend himself. He was a grown man that brought a loaded gun to a fist fight.

We have heard arguments for Zimmerman yet nothing in defense of what Trayvon Martin was thinking that night. Just as Zimmerman was following this suspicious character, Trayvon was being followed by a suspicious character.

I think I have every right to ponder all of this. My opinions are not facts, they are just questions. Since Trayvon Martin is no longer alive to tell his side do we as human beings not have an obligation to even think that there was a whole other side to this story that we will never know.

If you notice in my heading I said "Am I the only one that thinks Zimmerman is guilty" I never said he was guilty of second degree murder.

Like I said these are just my thoughts, and I think I have the right to think them, and I also think my questioning the events are valid.

By the way Bloun George Zimmerman got up and walked into that police station that night. His injuries were not life threatening.