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I'm not sure why you would assiciate me with drugs. If that's where you're at, then keep it your business, but I have never seen a crack pipe, or crack, and don't want to see either.

Few weeks ago our sheriff was the speaker at our GOP meeting. I really like him, feel very blessed to have him as our sheriff. He said that 85% of the people he books are on meth. It bothers me because I couldn't tell you if someone was on meth or not.. I just don't think about drugs.

Because I live in a county that has decriminalized medical cannabis, I do smell it on people from time to time in the grocery store, who look like they don't know where the bath is in their house, or what a wash machine is.. but I don't make it my business. They have the right and I respect that right, but it's not my crowd.

So if crack pipes are your thing, by all means do your thing, but please don't associate me with it.

I'm all for you not agreeing with me. Why not say what you don't agree with and get into an intelligent debate? Why bring up drugs? To me, since you know so much about drugs, maybe that's your reason for not being able to seriously debate and rather stoop to drug association?

What disease is spreading?

Wiki, if you look on the histories of the topics, is changing the game board. While I never voted Bush, supported Bush, supported Bush's agenda, wiki has me labled as a Neocon because the only thing neocons do is support Israel. I support Israel as a SOVREIGN STATE, which allows for Palestine to be a SOVREIGN STATE. Bush did not support a SOVREIGN Israel. He entangled Israel and knowing the public came to LOATH Neocons, put his face on Israel to help propegate hatred for Jews, Zionists and SOVREIGN Israel.

I don't think this is an accident, maybe you think it's a solution.