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Fact, Martin was on his third suspension from school, which is why he was in Sanford. I commend his mother for realizing her son needed the strong influence of his father. It was just a little too much, too late.

Fact, a 17 year old had liver damage, this according to the autopsy report. Liver damage doesn't happen overnight. Martin was into drug concoctions that damage internal organs if, say, he was consuming a bottle of cough medicine a day over a 7-8 month period. He was probably consuming more than that to damage a liver in a young man of 17.

Fact, Zimmerman was never ordered to stay in his car. I don't know where you're getting that from, but it's false information and you should stop spreading disinformation. Spreading disinformation makes you no better than the racebaiters and MSM that thought nothing of doctoring a dispatch tape to portray Zimmerman as a racist to fit the agenda, which is despicable.

Fact, I know you're not a gun owner and have never handled a gun. You shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about, it makes you look stupid.