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Hand Me That Pen

These discussions always remind me of the SNL MacGruber skit with Charles Barkley. MacGruber has been racially insensitive so he's been to some sensitivity classes.

As the explosion is approaching and the pressure is on...

Vicky: Ten seconds, MacGruber!
MacGruber: Okay, uhh -- Vicky! Hand me that screw!
Vicky: You got it, MacGruber!
MacGruber: Okay, Dar-rell -- respectfully -- hand me that pen.
Darrell: [ looking down ] Which pen?
MacGruber: That one! Right there!
[ reveal three pens -- yellow, red, and black ]
Darrell: I can't tell which one you're pointing at! Be more specific!
MacGruber: That one! The -- uh -- uh -- African-American pen!
Darrell: What?!
MacGruber: I'm sorry! The -- uh -- Negro pen? [ Darrell frowns ] Uhhh -- Negro-American pen?
Darrell: Just call it a BLACK pen!
MacGruber: Oh! So now it's fly and rap to call it a Black pen? But, earlier, it was square?
Darrell: Here! Just take the pen! [ he forces the black pen over to MacGruber ]