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Personally, I never end any conversation

about NWO and esoterica with "and they're all lizards, you know."

Depending on who I am talking with, after I have explained that
groups of bloodline families (such as the Rothschilds, Duponts, Rockefellers, etc) who go back to the ancient world especially to ancient Babylon/Egypt are the ones who established the Roman Empire, the Roman Church (which is the church of Babylon relocated) and Roman Law which we still operate under today, I might touch upon the apparent non-human connections to them. Though the fact that it is the same people who have been ruling societies and seeking to rule the entire world usually resonates with people. One only needs to do further investigation to realize the non-human connections, and I usually leave that up to people to do for themselves.

We should not dismiss other people's opinions simply because it is different from what we are used to hearing. Cognitive dissonance is meant to be a good thing, because ideally it forces us to look at another side of an issue from a different perspective, re-examine what we already know, and reach some new conclusion representing an evolving sense of awareness and understanding.

I give David Icke my full commendation for communicating what he senses is the truth, whatever it may be. It is hard to imagine anyone else going in front of thousands of people talking about ANY of this stuff, let alone shape-shifting reptilians.