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I listened to the jurist talk about the deliberations. She stated that many felt frustrated in the narrow parameters given to them. Some cried when they were forced to acquit Zimmerman because they felt his choices that night lead to the death of a 17 year old.

They all came to the conclusion that Zimmerman felt his life was in danger and he was justified in pulling that trigger. They wanted to find him responsible in some way for the death of that boy but they couldn't.

I too feel that Zimmerman carries some responsibility for what happened that night. That is what I think he is guilty of. Not first or second degree murder.

I cannot give you facts because the person that can answer my questions is no longer alive.

I think Zimmerman was a coward with a loaded gun, and I think Trayvon was a punk that liked to fight.

I hope you are counting all my thinks. No one can change them with facts that have been told by the coward with the gun, a broken nose and two very small gashes in the back of his head that most likely occurred when he got popped and fell and hit the ground. Zimmermans life was in danger not because he was being beaten unconscious but because it seems he refused to expend any physical energy to fight back. He did not have to, he had a bullet in the chamber all ready to go. Don't any of these things raise any questions for you?

What character of a man is Zimmerman?

I have no convictions Bloun, I have unanswered questions and a lot of them.