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Talked about obsessed

When I take an interest in a topic or person, I dig. Now you can call that an obsession, or whatever you wish; However, that is how I learn. I go as far as I can, and in the past few months, that is what I have done finding out why Ron Paul said, "Israel is our friend". I am not depending on one source, but many. Some people spend a lifetime, or get a degree, I have spent a few months exploring Israel and you call it an obsession? What I find is the obsession are those who don't study, make an opinion from limited, if not biased, propeganda, refuse to debate, and think they know it all.

1.- While I agree, on the surface anti-zionism is NOT racism, for those who do not KNOW that Israel is a tiny country with many races, religions, and the only country signed to the UN as SOVREIGN, many say, "Zionist", as something they oppose, because, "The Jews control everything", which is not true, and is racist.

Israel is NOT the center of our foreign policy. The UN is.

Stop telling me what to think and say.

2.- There is plenty of evidense Santa Clause is real. The benefactor of 911 was the UN and Saudi Arabia.

3.- The GOP debates were not about who kissed Israel's ass the most, it was HOW they wanted to kiss Israel's ass.. what is most important is the GOP was setting itself up to LOSE.. Romney ran to lose, his campaign ran to lose.. he was selected. When I went to my first meeting there was supposed to be 24 members. There were TWO, both former Democrats, keeping an illusion alive.. this is why Ron Paul urged us to get in the GOP, but the propeganda machine is too strong and many, despite how much they felt they supported Ron Paul, would not even register GOP.. they didn't get it.

The Neocons KNOW the USA is against them, so they align themselves with Israel, not because they are for Israel, but because they are for a NWO and Israel won't join them. Israel tells the UN and Saudis to screw off.. they are not oil dependent.. they have advanced.. so by putting a GOP NEO face on Israel they KNOW they are turning the USA against Israel and this is the plan, for they don't want the USA to be SOVREIGN.. they want the USA to be a cog in the UN NWO.. and my wiki links show how the propeganda machine does not sleep.

4.- What? Ron Paul said Israel is our friend. Ron Paul said the Neocons were not friends with Israel because the Neocons entangle Israel. I agree with Ron Paul.

I agree with your line up of who is an important trading partner. Israel's important trading partners are China, India and South Korea who are LOVING the high tech, agriculture advancement, solar advancements.. Israel is thriving while the USA is nose diving.

I'm not saying the USA needs to kiss Israel's ass. Israel is so far advanced in technology, science.. I'm amazed. I LOVE seeing how they are advancing the human race. No reason we should advance the human race, we're too busy looking for reasons to riot and become Egypt or Syria.

I didn't accuse Ron Paul of being racist. I said I can empathize with those who do.

Yeah, I think those who think Egypt succumbing under marahall law and Syria's civil war are worth cheering, are losers. I'm not into destruction but construction.

I LOVE Israel. Got three business ideas from them.. what's not to love?